Famous tigress of Pench: Collarwali

Famous tigress of Pench: Collarwali

Often referred to as the Queen of Pench or Princess of Pench, Collarwali is the most famous tigress in Pench and is a darling of wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. She has been filmed in BBC's exceedingly famous documentary Spy in the Jungle. The documentary, shot in the tourism zones of Pench Tiger Reserve, is considered path-breaking in the quality and quantity of intimate footage of wild tiger behavior that has ever been captured on camera.

Collarwali has also earned all her own fame and adulation. She has been more than a true and worthy successor to her mother Badi-Maata who herself had given birth to 19 cubs in her 12 years of motherhood.  As of 2017, Collarwali has given birth to 26 cubs in 7 litters. Officials maintain that she is the only known tigress who has been recorded to have sired 26 cubs in the wild. Unfortunately, her first 3 cubs from first litter in 2008 didn't survive and died due to pneumonia during the harsh monsoon rains that year. In October 2008, after the monsoon, Collarwali recovered to produce her second litter. This time four cubs were born, three of which were male. On July 6 and 7, 2010 Collarwali mated with T-30, the very tiger from whom she had to protect her cubs from the previous litter in October 2008. Her third litter on October 23, 2010, consisted of five cubs- a very rare occurrence, with four of the cubs being females. In May 2012, Collarwali again gave birth to the fourth litter of three cubs. In 2015, the tigress gave birth to four more cubs in its sixth litter. Her 7th litter was first seen in early 2017. Due to her prolific record as a mother, she is also known in the local language as Mataram (Mother God)

She bore her seventh litter of offsprings recently.

Confirming the development, Pench Tiger Reserve field director Subharanjan Sen said: “The 12-year-old tigress, officially called T-15, has given birth again. This is probably the highest number of cubs delivered by a tigress in this reserve so far.”

However, he could not provide the exact number of cubs borne by Collarwali this time. “There are three or four,” said Sen.

She was born in October 2005 to a dominant male in the area (T-1) and another famous Badimaata tigress. She got her name from the radio collar tagged to her on March 11, 2008. She was the first tigress here in Pench to be radio-collared, but the equipment has stopped working now

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